2 Sad 2 Bastard

by Jeff Linden

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~12 00:31
Last Night I took about a dozen White Claws to the face / and stumbled around my parents’ living in a drunken malaise / and I’m still working at a coffee shop just at a different place / and I’m just dying to not be dying anymore
Endgames 02:54
I’m sitting staring out at the sidewalk / on a corner in west Philadelphia / on a stranger’s stoop drinking vanilla vodka with Dr. Pepper from the bottle Me and Bair are going to see The Avengers / fight some incredible alien threat / it’s just another pulpy vignette but I could use an hour or three where I can forget And there’s something awfully human about all of that / telling the same stories again / over and over, generation and regeneration as in ritual And if I ever said that they make too many sequels / you should know that I’m a hypocrite / so let’s greenlight another remake of that summer I bailed on a girl and got drunk over it Let’s get drunk over it / let’s get drunk over it / let’s get drunk over it And I said “Bair I don’t know how to explain it” / “I just started to feel claustrophobic” / “like the ending was coming but I kinda ignored it ‘cause I didn’t want it to be true” “And maybe she and I were too similar” / “so when things starting going awry” / “we clung to each other for a cold kind of comfort and I just grew number without saying why” And as we show up to get our tickets / well above the legal limit / I think to myself that my life isn’t over, it’s just at the start of a different phase And the promise of a new beginning / can feel awfully intoxicating / and if just for a second I feel this obsession with learning a lesson and changing my ways So we’ll see how that goes / so we’ll see how that goes / I’ll let you know How that goes / we’ll see how that goes / I’ll let you know
Imperfect 03:43
I kept a notebook when I was probably six / I drew knights and cowboys, with arms and legs like sticks / If one line was out of place, I’d black out the entire page / if it wasn’t perfect, I threw it straight away / it wasn’t perfect, so I threw it all away I met a girl when I was twenty-two / she made me laugh and saw the world the way I do / and I thought till our dying day we’d see the world by car and train / but it wasn’t perfect, so I threw it straight away / it wasn’t perfect, so I threw it all away Now I’m drunk inside the Asbury hotel / in the bathroom taking selfies, till I find one that suits me well / and after a couple tries / I delete the whole damn lot / wondering what all those pretty people / have got that I haven’t got / and the band is playing Now I don’t know which way to turn at 24 / I’ve written songs, so I guess I’ll write a couple more / in the hopes that I can gain some kind of order in my brain / but if they’re not perfect, I’ll throw them all away / this song’s not perfect / so I’ll probably throw it away / Now I’m drunk inside the Asbury hotel / arguing online about the latest Star Wars film / it had some good ideas but didn’t see them to fruition / so I guess me and that goddamn movie have got something in common after all / and the band is playing And they’re singing imperfectly In imperfect harmony
She said, “as for the God thing, I’m not really sure” / “there’s a million explanations for why he opened that door” / “and smiled back at me like he’d never smiled before” / “and said, ‘darling why don’t we take a walk’” She said, “as for the love thing, I can’t really tell” / “we were two scheming prisoners sharing a cell” / “saying ‘we’ll hop that fence and find a better place to dwell” / “but maybe it was always just talk” There’s god in the airwaves / and in the books that we read / and even us heathens / feel the crippling need / to feel like there’s something / that has power in our lives / so as for the god thing / I really don’t mind He said, “as for this death thing, I don’t know what to say” / “I just woke up and I couldn’t call him one day” / “I still have his number and I can still see his face” / “but there’s a hole in the place where he stood” He said, “as for the heaven thing, I’m coming around” / “for most of my life I was brimming with doubt” / “but when his favorite song plays it’s like he’s smiling down” / “so if there’s no clouds or harps then I’m good” / ‘Cause there’s god in our memories / and in the home team / it’s not something that we want / it’s just something we need / to feel like there’s someone / that’s got all our backs / so as for the God thing / I don’t think it’s that bad
Rico says I should get back on Tinder / but I’m doubtful I can find a single decent picture / where I’m not playing with my band / or sitting hand-in-anxious-hand with the girl I would project on all those unsuspecting women I don’t think that I can stand to be the Jim to all their Pams / in a dozen interactions that last for minutes before fizzling And getting drunk and swiping left / feels like ten thousand little deaths by a writer killing characters whose plots were just beginning So listen here / I’m going home / and drinking Yuengling by the case while watching Mad Men all alone / ‘cause it’s a show she wouldn’t like much anyway / anyway Chris Dubrow says my self-sabotage is lazy / so caught up on the ending that I bail quick and get out safely Like pulling books off of the shelves / reading the last page and saying “oh well, / that’s not what I want so I’ll leave the store and spend no money” But tramps like me, I was born to run / not towards a better place but from everything and everyone / and it’s one thing to feel that way at the start / but that plot is wearing thin and everybody loves a good redemption arc So listen here / if my life was on TV / 13 episodes of a sad boy on Twitter in his PJs / that’s a show I wouldn’t like much anyway / so I’m gonna try to write a better script each day / till I’m canceled or till I win all of the Emmys /


released September 15, 2019

Produced, Engineered, and Mixed by Jeff Linden

Mastered by Sean Ahern

All Songs Written and Performed by Jeff Linden


all rights reserved



Jeff Linden New Jersey

Gang Vocals, Cowboy Chords, and Songs about the Sea

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